Trademark Applications

Make your brand a far more recognizable sign, design, or expression of you. Contact us for further details on how to register your idea!

Copyright Applications

DID YOU KNOW that your original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, can be copyrighted? We will work with you to identify, protect and maintain your rights to your creative work – whether it is

Renewal of Registered Trademark

When it’s time to renew your trademark, talk to us first! Our services are fast and efficient to get your trademark renewed and up to date in quick time. Contact us for a quote on how to renew your trademark.

Recordal of Assignment

You received an offer you cannot refuse and have now entered into an Agreement with another to transfer all rights pertaining this Brand or product. Let us help you with that ASSIGNMENT!

Industrial Designs

Protect your innovation! A registered design can be a valuable commercial asset. Registration of that design will give the owner protection for the visual appearance of the product but not how the product works.

Recordal of a Change of Name/Address

Corporate changes, in business, are necessary from time to time. A change in business name or the relocation of your office will affect your Brand, so do the necessary thing and record it.

Patent applications

Do you have an invention and want exclusive right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing your invention without permission? GET IT PATENTED! ASK US HOW?

Trademark License Application

As a trademark owner, do you want to permit another to use your trademark? Apply for a License through us so that all the parties involve are on the same page. TALK TO US TODAY!