About us
Meet Marshalee R. Guthrie
Founder & C.E.O
Our Vision

To be the leading trademark company in Jamaica, mastering trademark applications and solutions while enabling brands to be distinctive and commercially viable.

Our Mission

Our aim and mission in forming this company is to allow brands to be inherently distinctive by minimizing the weaknesses of their brand, not to merely be descriptive, but to maximize their commercial strength.

Our Values

It takes more than just talk to make things happen. We allow our passion to drive us in achieving great things. So, with a steady vision, wealth of knowledge we stand ready to be YOUR PRACTICAL SOLUTION TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN JAMAICA.

Jamaica Marks & More

Jamaica Marks and More is a Trademark Company, unlike any other in Jamaica. Our main focus is to provide practical solutions to our clients for all their Intellectual Property transactions as well as helping our fellow entrepreneurs to set and realize their business goals. We offer comprehensive, reliable and efficient services second to none.

We have stayed a top current information relating to Intellectual Property and the business market in Jamaica, the region and the world at large, in order to provide you our valuable clients, the very best solutions filled with knowledge and effective resources which will take your business to the next level.

You deserve the best experience when doing business and we hold the standards, the drive and capabilities to deliver just that. We are committed to you and your brand. So be inherently distinctive by minimizing the weaknesses of your brand, don’t merely be descriptive, maximize your commercial strength. Contact us today, Jamaica Marks and More, where registering your mark starts here!

We look forward to doing business with you!