The More in our name means we are not just about Intellectual Property, we have a heart for our fellow entrepreneurs.

So many entrepreneurs start out with certain goals in mind but simply forget some critical strategies in order for those goals to be realised. There are fundamental things you must do when starting out, which you may not know. We understand the assignment…

We want to help our fellow entrepreneurs connect with the right platforms and people to help them grow their businesses. Let us help you navigate through your business ideas and arm you with the necessary  tools that will put you on the road to success.The next move is yours, let’s help you make the right one.

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When you visit our website and enter our company, you may be a sole/single entrepreneur but after joining us, you will find a majority/company/group of entrepreneurs where you can expand your ideas and your business as well.

A snippet of how my journey started

Traditionally, we were always told growing up to get a solid job and usually that would mean becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or police officer. Now, there is nothing wrong with getting a solid job and mastering your career goals.


However, at the turn of the century, we have seen a shift in the mindset and focus of people. They want to be their own boss and manage their own business. They want to decide how many hours they work for the week, and more importantly, how much money they earn at the end of the month.


A paradigm shift had taken place and the world was getting on board. So I rooted myself into the spirit of Entrepreneurship and started my journey.


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